BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved

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  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
  • BioQuest Inflatable Lung Kit, Preserved
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By Calvin R. Femling, PhD.This demonstration kit is suitable for elementary, secondary, and college classes in health, biology, anatomy, and physical education to demonstrate the touch and feel of a lung that is very similar to a human lung. The swine lungs included in the kit have been specially preserved by the BioFlex process. Students can see and learn how lungs, that are very comparable with their own, work by inflating and deflating them with a pump. A section of dried lung is included with each kit to show internal anatomy structures including arteries, veins, bronchioles, alveoli, and bronchi. The BioQuest Inflatable Lungs Kit includes an inflation rack and tray, air pump, one pair of reusable, inflatable swine lungs, one section of dried swine lung, and a teacher's guide. Replacement components can be purchased separately. Inflatable lungs in this kit can be used with the Simulated Smoker's Lungs Kit (LS03767).

NOTE: This product contains natural tissue (color may vary).

Replacement parts are available:
Simulated Smoker's Lungs (LS03766)
Inflatable Lung (LS03764)
Humectant Fluid (SB32396)

Q & A

Q: How do I store the lungs?
A: Store your Lung Kit in the specially prepared bag and shipping box it came with The bag is loaded with preservative that will last many years. Store in a cool dry place and do not refrigerate.

Q: Is the inflatable swine lung made of real swine lung?
A: Yes, the inflatable swine lung is actual swine lung with natural tissue.


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