ORTHOBones Humerus

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  • ORTHOBones Humerus
  • ORTHOBones Humerus
  • ORTHOBones Humerus
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One of the long bones of the body, the humerus is home to many muscle origins and insertions. It is one of the more commonly broken bones of the body, and articulates with the scapula at the shoulder, as well as the radius to form the elbow. The humerus features a variety of bony landmarks as well, including tubercles and fossae.

This detailed ORTHOBones humerus is perfect for study, as well as for medical professionals. Its unique two-layer design replicates natural bone well, with its harder outer shell and softer inner core. This allows for practice with medical devices, too, since it is just like having a real bone!

Available in Left and Right. Made in Germany by ORTHOBones. Measures 12.4x2x2 in. Weighs less than 1 lb. Note, bones are supplied intact.

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