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Product Warranty Registration

About the Axis Scientific 3 Year Warranty

Axis Scientific builds durable products that are made to last. If at any time during this warranty period your Axis Scientific model does not live up to our guarantee of quality, we will repair or replace the model at no cost to you.

How to Protect Your Model Under Warranty

To ensure your model is covered by the Axis Scientific warranty, you must register the product within 30 days of receiving your model.

If you do not register your product under warranty, we may not be able to verify the authenticity of your model which may result in denial of a warranty claim or delays in the warranty process.

You must provide the SKU or UPC number of the product you are registering when completing the registration form. The SKU number is located in a few places:

1. On the product packaging, you should see a sticker, which includes the SKU and UPC.
2. The packing list you received will include the SKU number.
3. Any order or shipping confirmation emails you have received from us will include the SKU number.

Still not sure what your product SKU or UPC is? Call or email us and we'll be happy to help!

What is Covered by the Warranty?

If your anatomical model breaks or significantly degrades from normal everyday use, defined as:

  • Display, disassembly, and reassembly of parts designed to be removed from the model.
  • Functionality, such as rotation or flexion, within the range of natural movement of the human body.
  • Indoor use without extreme exposure to UV light, heat or cold.
  • Care and storage in accordance with the Axis Scientific Care & Maintenance Guide.
  • If your anatomical model does not perform as described.

If you lose a part or hardware, replacement parts are often available, but are not covered by the Axis Scientific warranty. Contact us and, as always, we'll be happy to help however we can!

Warranty Limitations

Axis Scientific stands by its products and is proud to know that clients use them in a variety of settings, including doctor’s offices, in the lab and even in art studios. Because this product fits a variety of applications, unfortunately, the warranty does have some limitations.

We cannot cover misuse, improper storage, mishandling, or mistreatment under warranty. Because we provide models for education, repurposing models for use outside of demonstration, such as mechanical testing, device validation, or other clinical applications outside of education, the warranty shall be voided. Examples include:

  • Failure to register your product warranty within 30 days of receiving your model. Products must be registered to be covered by the warranty.
  • Dropping your anatomical model.
  • Improper cleaning or storage of your anatomical model.
  • Modifications to the product, such as markings, additional or negated hardware, drilling, cutting, or otherwise altering your anatomical model.
  • Excessive stress on functional parts, such as vertebral stress or joint over-extension.
  • Damage due to negligence, theft, property damage, or the like are not covered by the Axis Scientific warranty.
  • While we will always be here to support you, we cannot cover shipping costs or provide customers with a return shipping label for any products shipped to or taken to a location outside of the United States.

If you have additional questions, we are only an email or call away!

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