Customer Testimonials

Anatomy Warehouse, a leading supplier of anatomical models and charts, for both educational and professional purposes, is a trusted brand offering friendly and prompt online service and support. To know the secret behind how the already loyal customer base turned into returning clients, read the happy testimonials from our satisfied customers. Read on to know how a particular anatomy model or an educational chart added value, made a difference, and helped a business achieve a specific goal successfully. 

Anatomy Warehouse's customers range from those in the medical education industry to healthcare facilities. The diverse product range is meant mainly for instructional purposes. We are happy to be appreciated for our timely service, technical support, in-depth knowledge of the product line-up, and patient customer service because Genuine customer satisfaction keeps us excited about every day at Anatomy Warehouse:

"I worked with both Niki and Keri at AnatomyWarehouse and have never had a better experience shopping online.  They helped me find the right skeleton for my class and my students love it."

--Mary G., New York, USA

"Is it ok to call your customer service department "AWESOME"?  Because seriously, you guys are awesome.  Thank you so much for getting my skeletal chart shipped in time for my conference!"

--Silvia, California, USA

"The team at AnatomyWarehouse spent several hours helping me find the right models and charts for my new physical therapy office.  I've never heard of an online company spending that much time on a single customer, it always seems like they just want to get rid of you, but they were so happy to help, it was incredible."

--Kimberly, Georgia, USA

"Keri was a lifesaver!"

--Matt, Ontario, Canada

"I was under the gun with a presentation for my A&P class and a sweetheart at AnatomyWarehouse walked me through all of the charts and diagrams that I needed to make a big impression in front of the class.  She made sure I chose the right shipping method so I would get it on time - and my class was blown away by the quality of my presentation!!"

--Brian, Wisconsin, USA

"I lost one of the screws for my skeleton and even though they don't normally have spare parts, Niki dug through boxes of old product returns just to find a tiny screw for my skeleton.  She even included a cute little note and a coupon when she mailed it to me!  Bill The Skeleton is whole again, thanks to you!"

--Chelsea, Oregon, USA

"I really appreciate all the time that you took in helping me. I had a lot of weird questions, but you answered everything that I needed and were very patient. This was a great customer service experience."

--Kathleen, North Carolina, USA

"Thank you so much for helping me to get the promo code applied to my account! I forgot to add it to my order and you quickly resolved that issue for me. I will definitely be ordering from you again."

--Sara, Florida, USA

"Anatomy Warehouse has been more then helpful in placing our orders and keeping us informed on our shipments. We have ordered several "Sticky Charts" for all of our exam rooms and our patients are so excited with the new knowledge they are learning. We have enjoyed the "Sticky Charts" and I am so impressed with the "Quality" of the material used."

--Glenda B., Huntington Beach Chiropractor's Office

"My package ended up getting damaged by FedEx. When I called FedEx I was told that I needed to “take of this issue”. Obviously that was not very helpful and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to resolve this issue. Not only did I get a new order, but it also came to me quickly. I did not have to do anything on my end!"

--Maureen, Florida, USA

"I was shipped an incorrect item that I desperately needed by a certain date. Luckily the support team helped me get the correct item out in time and also provided me with a shipping label. Thank you so much for making this happen."

--Scott, New Jersey, USA

"After calling around to other companies and getting no response/answer, I called you guys and got all of the information I needed. I got the order placed and passed the exam I was studying for. You really take customer service seriously and some of these other companies could take a note or two."

--Keraun, Illinois, USA

Customer Testimonials