SMART STAT Basic Advanced Life Support Trainer

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  • SMART STAT Basic Advanced Life Support Trainer
  • SMART STAT Basic Advanced Life Support Trainer
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SMART STAT Basic introduces new training options with greater wireless control and range to support your ALS and advanced clinical training needs. The new iPad interface makes controlling, monitoring, and tracking student and group training easier than ever. Instructors enjoy more effective and responsive controls with dynamic scenarios that can be altered on the fly. Detailed timelines to support effective debriefing, with an easy to access PDF-formatted report makes the most of limited training time. You can select from the Simulaids library simulation training menu, or create your own training to support specific targeted goals. The simulator can operate on battery power to give you greater training options out in the field. The training can be paced to keep the training real and effective, to make students engage in creative problem solving and grow their skill set. At the end of the day, the new system lets you spend more time focused on your students and their training.

SMART STAT Basic includes
- both cardiac and lung sounds, two points of thoracic decompression and two sites for chest drains, monitor blood pressure capabilities, spontaneous breathing with full airway management including cricothyrotomy and proper intubation placement, menus for managing many cardiac crises with EKG and cardioversion, chest compressions, IV access, and drug therapy.

- SMART STAT Basic's on-board air compressor supports 12 pulse points synchronized with the heart rhythm and edema control of the tongue and larynx. More options include detailed training simulation sets that support a range of training areas, optional limbs for complex trauma, and intraosseous access training. Training cables are available to match your monitor/defibrillator that eliminate the use of costly patient hands-free pads. The simulator comes with its own iPad, a blood pressure cuff, wheeled hard carry case, and a supply of replacement parts. Free software to operate is available on-line at the App Store. One-year warranty.

A full list of features offers challenges for every aspect of emergency care.
1) Advanced Airway Management, STAT Deluxe Airway Management Head, Tongue edema, Laryngospasm, Cricothyrotomy, Breakout teeth.
2) Designed for LT, ET, LMA, and Combitube.
3) ECG, 4-lead recognition of 17 rhythms, Defibrillation and cardio conversion, Variable rates, Pacing, Emergent Lung Sounds (anterior and posterior), and Emergent Heart Sounds.
4) A BP Arm, Independently vary systolic and diastolic, pressures, gives off Korotkoff sound changes, Varys the amplitude of the sound.
5) IV Arm, Full venous access from dorsal hand to upper arm, Infuse, withdraw, titrate drug therapy, sharps control, securing, and IM injections, Wide range of motion.
6) Pulse Points, 12 locations in pairs: carotid, femoral, popliteal, pedal (dorsal arch), radial, brachial (IV armantecubital, BP arm biceps pressure point), Distal pulses drop off under 70 mm Hg systolic, Varys according to ECG rhythm.
7) Bilateral Chest Decompression, Right- or left-sided, partial or complete pneumothorax, Audible air discharge upon proper catheterization.
8) Bilateral Chest Tube Insertion, Auxiliary fluid bag allows for simulated discharge with insertion, Practice and maintenance of chest tubes.
9) Virtual Capnography and Oximetry.
10) Printable Chronological Student Session Reports & Scenarios, Easy to establish, Start-up library includes samples, Print out for convenience.
11) Replacement Parts Included, 10 neck skins, 4 Intra Muscular injection pads, 6 pneumothorax pads, 3 sets of teeth, IV vein kit.

This model allows instructors to challenge students testing skill proficiency, knowledge demonstration, and critical thinking as you put them through adverse situations like belligerent crowds, anxious family members, dangerous environments, and many other realistic scenario training exercises with this simple to use, very portable patient simulator.

Product Dimensions: 56 in. x 28 in. x 12 in.

Product Weight: 125 lbs.

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