Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing

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  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
  • Anatomy Lab Venus Nursing
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This lifesize Patient Care Manikin is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing and
educational facilities in training patient care, with fully articulated limbs and torso for
flexibility offering training opportunities in patient handling and transfer.

Skills Gained

  •  Venus Nursing is targeted on the practice of real life nursing operations. It allows
    exercises of basic care as well as specialized care


  • Lightweight - approximately 60 lbs
  • Full-size adult manikin - measures 1.6m
  • Overall female appearance, converts to male with attachment of male genitals
  • Patient-sensitive general hygiene procedures are facilitated by the manikin's accurate, interchangeable male-female genitalia
  • Dilated and Normal Pupils
  • Smooth, washable surface and bed baths
  • Clothing Changes
  • Ear Canal Irrigation, Otic Drops
  • Eye Irrigation
  • Finger and Toe Manipulation with Bandaging - Flexible and Individually Molded
  • A removable wig can be attached to simulate patient shampooing. Hair Care Washing and Combing
  • Denture Cleaning
  • Oral and Nasal Hygiene
  • Suctioning, tracheal cannula
  • Oral and nasal intubation for lavage/gavage
  • Artificial carotid pulse
  • Allows practice of IV placement, infusion of fluids, and drawing of blood, includes reservoir bags, carrying tray, and simulated blood powder
  • Intramuscular Injection Sites: Arm, Thigh, Buttock
  • Tracheostomy Care, Lavage and Suctioning
  • Ostomy Care: Ileostomy and Colostomy Tissue
  • Gastrostomy Procedures, Lavage and Gavage and Nasogastric Tube Placement, internal Fluid Reservoirs
  • Enema Administration
  • Urinary Catheterization, Female and Uncircumcised Male
  • Fundus examination and assessment skills: soft abdominal wall with well contracted and “boggy" uterus allows for fundus examination. Soft and flexible pudendum allows for PV examination
  • Drainage treatment care of closed thoracic drainage, pericardial drainage, T-tube drainage, peritoneal drainage, and pneumothorax
  • With realistic female genitalia including nympha which can be separated to reveal clitoris and urethral and vaginal orifice. Speculum check
  • Skin easily accommodates wound moulages for teaching care of decubitus ulcers and realism in changing surgical dressings or practicing bandaging realism to patient care procedures
  • Hemostasis by trauma limbs for mass casualty aid training, arterial pressure can be simulated, includes:
  • Bleeding Leg Model A-106713
  • Bleeding Arm Model A-106712
  • For more details, pls check the spec. of above module respectively in our brochure Pg. 2 & 3
  • Wound care and assessment:
  • Interchangeable abdominal wall with multiple different functions
  • Abdominal incision and suture
  • Abdominal incision drainage
  • Abdominal longitudinal sharp injury
  • Amputation leg below the knee
  • Incision of Lateral cutaneous femoral of thigh
  • Suppuration on the Lateral cutaneous femoral of thigh
  • Longitudinal wound of lateral cutaneous femoral of thigh
  • Varicose vein and ulcers of lower limb
  • Diabetic foot
  • Auscultation Sites with Heart,Lung and bowl Sounds:
  • Reach to 54 normal and abnormal heart, breath and bowel sounds as well as patient voices
  • 21 types of Normal Sounds (e.g. cough, vomiting, sneezing, etc.)
  • 14 types of Heart Sounds (e.g. normal heart sound, sinus bradycardia, systolic murmurs etc.)
  • 13 types of Lung sounds (e.g., normal alveolar breathing, middle water bubble sound, coarse wet sound, etc.)
  • 6 types of Bowl sounds (e.g. normal bowel sounds, weakened bowel sounds, fetal heart sounds, etc.)
  • Customized sounds can be added by the users
  • Max. five various sounds can be simultaneously played
  • Sounds can be heard by either earphone or speaker. Or be exported by simulator directly
  • Blood pressure skills
  • Articulating Blood Pressure Trainer Arm A-104436
  • For more details, pls check the spec. of above module respectively in our brochure Pg. 37


Packed weight: 20.1 lbs. 59.7 lbs.
dimensions: 23.0 in. x 18.8 in. x 12.4 in.  40.3 in. x 7.4 in. x 4.8 in.

1 x Venus Nursing
1 x Wig
1 x Inflating bulb
1 x #14 catheter
1 x Anal canal
1 x Clothes
1 x Operation manual
1 x AUDSim module
1 x BPSim module
1 x Fundus of uterus assessment module
1 x Trauma assessment and care module
1 x Hemostasis module



Product Dimensions23 in. x 19 in. x 12 in.
Product Weight20.2 lbs.
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1 Year Warranty
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Best Uses:
Medical Education, Practical Skills Training
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