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ADAM-X Patient Simulator

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  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
  • ADAM-X Patient Simulator
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ADAM-X is the male patient simulator designed for practicing skills and providing medical assistance in case of emergency. ADAM-X is a reproduction of a skeletal and anatomical structure of a human. ADAM-X is durable and suitable for training in any trauma emergency situation in any environment, ideal for military and civilian trauma emergency training. ADAM-X is a wireless system; a fully functional wireless computer allows the instructor to monitor and make adjustments in the course of the training. ADAM-X has distinctive and unique characteristics and features, making the training more realistic.

Realistic anatomy
ADAM-X is a reproduction of a skeletal and anatomical structure of a human with distinctive characteristics and features. It is humansized and has a very realistic skin. ADAM-X has automatic blinking depending on physiological status, as well as a physiological reaction of the pupils to light and to touch. The teeth are replaceable and the tongue of the ADAM-X can swell.

The ADAM-X is ideal for ALS training, scenario training and medical treatment training. Because the ADAM-X is completely wireless and tetherless, and has realistic human proportions, it is very portable and ideal for on-site training. During CPR training, the accuracy of the hand placement is tracked, as well as the depth and rate of compression.

ADAM-X has a wide variety of sounds. Auscultation is possible with 8 points of breath sounds, 5 points of heart sounds and 14 points of lung sounds on the front of the mannequin, with the possibility of an independent set of options of the sounds in 4 areas. There is also the possibility of auscultation on the back of the mannequin. Breath sounds are independent and are related to ventilation of each lung. ADAM-X has speech, and can say “yes”, “no” and some interjections.  Also featured are guttural and coughing sounds.

Cardiovascular system
The ADAM-X has a bilaterally palpable pulse on the carotid artery, the femoral artery, the radial artery, the dorsal artery of the foot, the popliteal artery and the posterior tibialis.

ADAM-X has a very realistic respiratory tract. It has fully independent right and left lungs, and ventilation of the lung automatically leads to the appropriate sounds of breathing, chest excursion and pulmonary gas exchange. The occurrence of apnea or hypoventilation, along with the low fraction of oxygen in the inspired gas mixture, lead to corresponding physiological changes: the hypercapnia, the hypoxemia, the decrease of the SpO2 and the tachycardia. Ventilation of the lungs at a positive pressure or spontaneous ventilation restoration returns ADAM-X to the breath with an appropriate amount of respiratory rate. ADAM-X also features chest flotation, and the resistance of the airway changes accordingly.

Additional Features

  • Work with a real electrocardiogram and with a real defibrillator
  • Possibility to connect a real human patient monitor and a real anesthesia machine
  • Training of normal course of the anesthesia
  • Training of complications of the general character in the anesthesiology
  • Unique pharmaceutics system: the ADAM-X recognizes not only the administered drug, but also the received dose, a change of the vital parameters occurs correspondingly
  • Create more scenarios with the scenario editor
  • Realistic feedback force

Q & A

Q: Is this simulator capable of IV sticks and injections?
A: Yes, The ADAM-X Patient Simulator is capable of IV sticks and injections. 

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3 Year Warranty
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