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Anatomy Lab Male Internal & External Genital Organ Model

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  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
  • Anatomy Lab Male Genital Organ and Catheterization Model
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Master the Skill of Catheterization with This Lifelike Male Urethral Model!

This anatomically accurate model faithfully replicates the adult male urethra, from the orificium urethrae internum at the bladder's base to the orificium urethrae externum at the penis tip. Its realistic dimensions (16-22cm length, 5-7cm diameter) and detailed structure, including the prostate, pars membranacea, and spongiose part, make it an ideal tool for:

  • Visualizing: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the male urethra's anatomy and its relationship to surrounding structures.
  • Palpating: Practice locating key landmarks like the prostate and external urethral meatus to improve tactile skills for catheterization.
  • Simulating: Hone your catheterization technique in a safe and realistic environment. The model's clear plastic tube allows visualization of the catheter's path through the urethra, providing valuable feedback and promoting confidence for real-world applications.

Serves as a valuable learning tool to:

  • Develop dexterity: Practice inserting and manipulating the catheter through the simulated urethra, improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • Identify potential challenges: Learn to recognize and navigate anatomical variations and potential obstacles during catheterization.
  • Enhance student engagement: Make learning about male urogenital anatomy and catheterization an interactive and engaging experience for students of all levels.


  1. symphysis pubis
  2. spermaduct 
  3. spermatophore
  4. scrotum
  5. penis
  6. glans
  7. orificium urethrae externum
  8. cavernous body of penis  
  9. urogenital diaphragm  
  10. prostate
  11. prostatic urethra
  12. bladder
  13. vesical trigone  
  14. ureteral orifice  
  15. orificium urethra internum  
  16. rectum
  17. anus
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Warranty Information

Anatomy Lab
Warranty Period: 1 Year
Reliable Realism

The Anatomy Lab’s mission is to provide quality, affordable models and medical task trainers to every client. The Anatomy Lab offers a One Year Warranty for all its products and extensive product support every step of the way, including product manuals and care instructions.

What the Warranty Covers

The Anatomy Lab is made for a range of applications, which is why we understand that accidents can happen. To ensure you have a product you can count on, whether you’re a beginner or professional, The Anatomy Lab Warranty covers a variety of matters:

  • If at any time during this warranty period your Anatomy Lab product does not live up to its guarantee of quality, we will repair or replace the model.
  • Here is what’s covered:
    • If your anatomical model or medical task trainer breaks or significantly degrades from normal everyday use, defined as:
      • Display, disassembly, and reassembly of parts designed to be removed from the product.
      • Functionality, such as blood draw, catheterization, irrigation, airway management and the like, utilizing parts and accessories included with the Anatomy Lab (or approved equivalent, such as correct gauge of needle, compatible mixtures, and medical devices).
      • Indoor use without extreme exposure to UV light, heat or cold.
      • Care and storage in accordance with the Anatomy Lab Care & Maintenance Guide.
    • If your anatomical model or medical task trainer does not perform as described.
  • If you lose a part or hardware, we will help you find a replacement (shipping costs may apply).

Warranty Limitations

The Anatomy Lab stands by its products and is proud to know that clients use them in a variety of settings, including medical offices, in the lab and even in creative studios. Because this product fits a variety of applications, unfortunately, the warranty does have some limitations.

  • We cannot cover misuse, improper storage, mishandling, or mistreatment under warranty. Because we provide models for education and training, repurposing models for use outside of demonstration, such as mechanical testing, device validation, or other clinical applications outside of education, the warranty shall be voided. Examples include:
    • Dropping or abusing your product.
    • Improper cleaning or storage of your product.
    • Modifications to the product, such as markings, additional or negated hardware, drilling, cutting, or otherwise altering your anatomical model.
    • Utilizing unapproved accessories or devices, for example, incorrect size needles or catheters, or unapproved mixtures of solutions.
    • Improper assembly or use outside of medical simulation.
    • Excessive stress on functional parts, such as vertebral stress or joint over-extension.
  • Damage due to negligence, theft, property damage, or the like are not covered by The Anatomy Lab warranty.
  • While we will always be here to support you, we cannot provide customers with a return label for any products shipped to a location outside of the United States.

How to File a Warranty Claim

Our dedicated Customer Service team is available to help over phone, email or chat and we will work with you to find the most cost and time effective solution that suits your needs.

  • The best way to protect your purchase is to register your product online right when you receive it, so you never have to worry about losing the receipt or contacting us outside of the warranty period. Visit this page to register your product under warranty. You will need to provide the following information:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Place of Purchase
    • Order Number
    • Date of Purchase
  • Customer must provide proof of purchase alongside any claim of defect, or warranty cannot be honored. This ensures the authenticity of the model.
  • Photographs must be provided when a warranty claim is made, indicating the defect in the model and the current condition of the model before it is retrieved by The Anatomy Lab.
  • All decisions regarding warranty matters shall be at the sole discretion of The Anatomy Lab or its Authorized Dealers.
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