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Axis Scientific 4-Part Median Section Male Pelvis Anatomy Model

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  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomical Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model with removable organs,  including the penis, seminal vesicle, urethra, prostate, spermatic cord, testicular artery, and more
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model detail of arteries, veins, and attachment site.
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model featuring the removable prostate, ureteral orifice, urinary bladder, ureter, internal  orifice of urethra, and pubic symphysis
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model featuring the bladder, vas deferens, urethra, and testicle
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model featuring the pubic bone, spermatic cord, testicular artery, femoral vein, femoral artery, ureter, femoral ring
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Axis Scientific 4-Part Median Section Male Pelvis Anatomy Model with Removable Parts and Study Guide

The Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model is an anatomically accurate representation of the male pelvis anatomy. This model offers a complete view of the male reproductive organs, urinary system, pelvic floor, and lumbar anatomy. This model has removable organs for a more thorough study of each anatomical part.

The pelvis model is mounted on a sturdy base for study, display, and easy transport of the model. The model is numbered and includes a full-color detailed study guide that identifies all 39 anatomical parts on the model. Study the difference in the layers of muscle, organs, systems, and venous drainage of the male pelvis with this highly detailed anatomy model.


Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
The Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model features the reproductive and urinary organs in the male pelvis. This model includes removable parts, as well as some lumbar anatomy and the various vasculature in the area. Aside from reproductive and urinary organs, some parts of the digestive tract are also featured in the model. The rectum and anus are presented in their correct orientation and placement in relation to the pelvic floor.

The rectum and anus featured on the model is a useful education tool in studying the adjacent organs and structures surrounding them. This mode can be used to determine correct palpations to diagnose diseases. This pelvis model is a perfect visual tool to display distinctions and relations between the different systems and structures in the pelvic cavity.

Reproductive System and Organs
The 4-part male pelvis model features both external and internal male reproductive organs. The external reproductive organs include the penis, testicles, scrotum, and epididymis. The model includes a removable penis with a seminal vesicle for a more specific study of the organs. Once the penis is detached, there is a cross-section display of the remaining external reproductive organs which are rooted in their correct locations in the pelvic cavity to aid in the study of the connection between these organs.

On the internal side, the vas deferens, prostate gland, and spermatic cord are also represented with detail and accuracy. These accessory organs and vessels contribute to the movement of sperms through the male reproductive system. This male pelvis model illustrates the connections between the reproductive organs and the other systems and structures that course through the pelvic cavity.

Urinary System and Organs
The male pelvis model shows the urinary system and its organs. The model includes a removable bladder with the ureter, pubic bone, prostate, and spermatic cord attached. Other details on the removable organ include textures, orifices, rings, arteries, and veins.

The model also features muscle attachment sites in relation to the viscera in the male pelvic cavity, highlighting the abdominal internal oblique (attachment site) and interfoveolar ligament (attachment site) which are adjacent to the bladder. This model is perfect for comparative anatomy regarding male and female pelvic organs, including the differences between the male and female urinary tracts.

Veins and Arteries
The common iliac vein, whose function is to return drained deoxygenated blood back to the heart, is featured prominently on the model. The femoral vein that runs through the thighs and aids in limb function is also represented on the model to display its correct location. The iliac artery, femoral artery, and testicular artery (arteries that supply blood to the lower leg and male genital organs) are also well-represented on the pelvic model.

Base Mount
Our 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model is mounted on a sturdy base to fully display a cross-section view of the pelvic cavity.

Full-Color Detailed Study Guide Booklet & User Guide
The Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model includes a detailed full-color study guide booklet that identifies the 39 anatomical parts featured on the model. All the anatomical parts are numbered on the model and identified in the study guide. This male pelvis model features the following reproductive, urinary, and digestive organs in the pelvic cavity:

Reproductive Organs:

  1. Penis
  2. Testicle
  3. Epididymis
  4. Spermatic Cord
  5. Prostate Gland
  6. Seminal Vesicle

Urinary Organs:

  1. Ureter
  2. Bladder
  3. Urethra (Internal and External Orifice)
  4. Prostate Gland

Digestive Organs:

  1. Anus
  2. Rectum

3-Year Worry-Free Warranty
Every Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model with Removable Parts includes a hassle-free 3-year warranty. If you have any questions about your model, please contact our US-based customer service team at 1.800.422.1134.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Perfect for students, medical practitioners, professionals, and artists.

Medical students can get premium knowledge of the anatomy of the male pelvis. This model features great anatomical detail, making it a perfect tool to gain correct information on the structure and functions of the male reproductive and urinary systems. The pelvis model and the accompanying full-detail study guide are helpful tools to prepare for medical school education and future medical practice.

Anatomy and Physiology Labs
The Axis Scientific life-sized male pelvis model is compact and portable, perfect for anatomy and physiology laboratories and classrooms. The model features an anatomically correct representation of the male pelvic cavity and its viscera. The model can be used to study various systems of the body that are concentrated in the pelvis, including the male reproductive system, male urinary system, and digestive system.

Urologists and Andrologists
Medical professionals in the urology and andrology department can find this anatomically correct model of the cross- section of the male pelvis useful for patient demonstrations. This model is detailed with textures, landmarks, and removable parts, all of which could aid in expanding the patient’s understanding of urinary or reproductive health and treatment.

Oncologists who specialize in cancers in the prostate, bladder, and colon can also use this male pelvis anatomy model for patient demonstration. Tumors and other malignant growth in the organs featured on the model can provide an educational explanation to the patient, who may need a visual guide to understand the disease. The model can also aid in explaining other diagnostic and treatment plans to show the difference between healthy and diseased organs.

Artists and Anatomists
Produce high-quality anatomical art with an anatomically correct pelvic model. The realistic details, orientation, and muscle striations are great tools for understanding the basics of human anatomy for artistic endeavors.

INCLUDES: What's in the Box?

Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
This high-quality model is anatomically correct and provides a great representation of the organs, superficial and deep musculature, and systems of the body (digestive system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, urinary system, circulatory system, endocrine system, and nervous system).

Base Mount
The pelvis model is mounted on a sturdy base for easy study, display, and transport of the model.

Full-Color Detailed Study Booklet
Our pelvis model includes a detailed study guide booklet with full-color photographs of the model and a list of the 39 identified anatomical parts of the model.

3-Year Worry-Free Warranty
Every Axis Scientific 4-Part Human Male Pelvis Model is backed by a 3-year, worry-free warranty.


- Measures: 6" H x 16" L x 11" W (with base)

- Weight: 1 lb.


  • Complete, 4-Part Human Male Pelvis replica.
  • Product manual included.
  • Base stand included.
  • Created by Medical Professionals.
  • Only the finest materials are used to craft each Human Male Pelvis Anatomy Model.
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Axis Scientific is a US-based company, making great anatomy models and healthcare simulators at fair prices.
  • Axis Scientific models are only available from Anatomy Warehouse.
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