Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model

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  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
  • Axis Scientific 4-Part Male Pelvis Anatomy Model
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This fabulous male pelvis cross section model made by Axis Scientific features removable parts to show the internal parts of the male reproductive system, urinary system, vascular system and muscular anatomy. Half of the pelvis is shown, with removable attachments to give a full view of the outer reproductive organs. This is a numbered model and is paired with a detailed product manual. It comes mounted on a white base, making it easy to be displayed and studied. Great for patient consultation and lab use.

Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty. The base measures 10.25in x 15.75in x 1in and the model meausures 10.25in x 10in x 4.25in giving it an overall height of 5.5in with the base.  Weighs just over 1lb.

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Realistic Texture
Bony Landmarks
On Stand
Has Manual
Model is Numbered
Sex Male Male/Female Male/Female Male
Molded from Real Bones
Number of Parts 3 Parts 6 Parts 2 Parts 1 Part
High Quality Replica

Q & A

Q: Can the model be removed from the base?
A: No, the model is securely fastened to the base. Removing it is not recommended.

Q: What parts are removable?
A: Half of the penis, seminal vesciles, bladder and prostate anatomy are removable. Parts are held together with magnets and sturdy metal posts.

Q: Who is this model made for?
A: This anatomy model is ideal for students and physcians. Students can learn about all of the internal organs, including the urinary and rectal anatomy, of the male pelvis. Physicians love to use this model during patient consultation, to educate patients on a variety of conditions they may be suffering from.

Q: Do you carry a female version of this model?

A: Yes we do. 

Q: What kind of warranty does this model come with?

A: All of the Axis Scientific Models come with a 3 year warranty.

Q: What is this model held together with?
A: This model is held together with small metal pegs and magnets that are hidden.

Q: What is this made of?
A: This model is made of a high-quality PVC plastic and is hand-painted.

Q: Is this model showing a mature male pelvis and genital organs?
A: Yes, this model shows the male organs after puberty.

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Warranty Information

Warranty Period: 3 Years
Quality You Can Trust

Virtually unique among anatomical model manufacturers, Axis Scientific does not require you to send back your model for inspection before a replacement or refund is issued. You also will not pay to return a defective product or incur unnecessary additional shipping charges before you get a replacement. Axis Scientific guarantees you will get a replacement under the standard Three Year Warranty.

Click here to learn more about the Axis Scientific Warranty and to Register your product for coverage under warranty.

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