BioSigns - Eye Model Anatomy Model

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Did you know the average human eye can distinguish approximately 10 million colors? Or that the muscles that control your eyes are the most active in your entire body? The human eye is truly fascinating, and now, with the BioSigns Eye from Tedco Toys, its easy for students of all ages to learn about this important structure of the body.

This miniature model of the eye measures a mere 4 tall, and is made of 7 parts. The model includes a stand for displaying the model, as well as a detailed Ein-Os Guide, full of information about the eye, how it works, and how we see color. This model makes a great gift, or even a science fair visual aid.

While this model has a reasonable level of detail, it is intended for younger audiences, and will not satisfy those looking for an advanced model. If you are interested in something more advanced, or are not sure if this model is right for you, please contact our support team.

Designed for children 7 years and up. Made by Tedco Toys.


Manufacturer Part Number32370EY
Product Dimensions3 in. x 4 in.
Product Weight1 lb.
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