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Forensic Dental Analysis

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Forensic dentistry is defined as the branch of forensic medicine that deals with identification through teeth, dental apparatus and their markings. The activities in this kit will introduce students to the various techniques used in forensic dentistry while they try and identify the suspect in the case. The eight different activities in this kit include the concepts of creating a dental chart, creating a dental casting, creating a bite impression, identification of a patient from dental records, metric analysis of castings and metric analysis of bite marks. This kit includes enough materials for 30 students. Teacher Manual and Student Study guide copymasters are included. Kit Includes: 1 lb pkg Dental Alginate 2 Boxes Nitrile Glove, Medium 12 Dental Impression Tray, Small 2 x 900g Plaster of Paris 24 Dental Impression Tray, Medium 32 Plastic Cup, 3 oz 15 Measuring Cup 32 Plastic Cup, 7 oz 15 Metric Ruler 32 Plastic Scoop 90 Tongue Depressor 1 Box Toothpicks 1 Box Wax Bite Plates

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