Nasco Great Food Replica Kit

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There is no better way to describe this kit - it's GREAT! With a total of 49 Life/form food replicas representing the five food groups and fats, you can have participants arrange an entire day's dietary intake on plates. Perfect for a multitude of nutrition education situations. Pyramid not included.
Kit includes the following food replicas (9 vegetables, 9 fruit, 10 grains, 9 meat/beans/nuts, 6 milk, and 6 fat):
- almonds
- apple
- asparagus
- banana
- beans, green
- beans, red
- beets
- blueberries
- bread slice, white
- bread slice, whole grain
- broccoli
- bun, hamburger
- butter pat
- cantaloupe
- carrots
- cauliflower
- cereal, dry
- cheese, cubes
- cheesecake
- chicken breast
- cookie, chocolate chip
- corn
- cottage cheese;
- cracker, whole grain
- dressing, French
- egg, fried
- grapefruit
- hamburger, broiled
- ice cream, vanilla
- juice, orange
- margarine
- mayonnaise
- milk, chocolate
- milk, skim
- oatmeal
- peaches
- peanut butter
- pear
- popcorn
- potato, baked
- rice, brown
- salad, tossed
- spaghetti
- strawberries
- sunflower kernels
- tilapia
- tortilla, flour
- tuna
- yogurt

Nutrition information sheet for the Great Food Kit.

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