SOMSO Normal Foot Model

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Podiatry students and others interested in the foot will be fascinated by this model of a healthy human foot. The model is a single piece and features the internal structures of the human foot in great life sized detail. The distal end of the tibia is also included, making this a wonderful study aid for those interested in the foot.

Many students find that pairing a model with a detailed chart makes study easier. We recommend our collection of Foot Charts for a great variety.

Made in Germany by SOMSO Modelle. Measures 5 1/2" x 10" x 4". Weighs 1 lb.

Please Note : Due to the incredible quality and detail of the model, production times on this product may exceed our normal turnaround time. Please contact us in advance of placing your order if you are placing a large volume order or are using expedited shipping.

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