Ostomy Pouching Trainer

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  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
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The Ostomy Pouching Trainer Model helps train and educate staff and patients on various stomas, complications, bagging, and general care. The model comes with four different stomas that can be placed in four different locations allowing numerous training scenarios. Each stoma can have either simulated urine or stool discharge to further increase the realism.


  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer
  • 2 Velcro belts
  • Urostomy with Stents
  • Loop Stoma
  • End Stoma
  • Flush Stoma
  • Simulated Stool
  • Simulated Urine
  • Luer Lock Syringe 35 ml

The Ostomy Pouching Trainer Model helps prepare patients, their families, and healthcare professionals for this life-changing event, improving their initial exposure and their future quality of life. The Ostomy Pouching Trainer will facilitate the practice of proper pouching techniques to maintain healthy skin while developing good hand-eye coordination. Preoperative teaching allows patients and their families to begin learning about ostomies prior to surgery when they are less distracted-reducing anxiety.

They can practice using four different stomas,

  • Urostomy with Stents
  • Loop Stoma (you provide the bridge)
  • End Stoma
  • Flush Stoma

With the Ostomy Pouching Trainer, each of these stomas can have simulated stool or urine output and can be placed in four different locations,

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Standard healthy skin
  • Flush placement with folds and mucocutaneous separation
  • Candidiasis

Patients and healthcare staff can grasp, in a realistic, life-sized model, what they may have had difficulty understanding from pictures, especially in those cases where language or comprehension may be an obstacle. Seeing the stomas and visualizing the location and function of the various types, including the discharge from them, is essential to learning. Proper teaching helps increase patients’ understanding of their condition and the adjustments which may be necessary for achieving a satisfactory standard of life with their new stoma.

Replacement parts are available for use with the Ostomy Pouching Trainer:

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