Practi-Ephedrine (50 mg/1 mL) 20 Diluent and 20 Powder 1 mL Vials, Simulated Medication - 40 Count

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Practi-Ephedrine 1 mL Vials for clinical training. simulated Ephedrine (50 mg/1mL) is designed to teach the essential skills necessary to calculate, measure, reconstitute, and administer a single dose central nervous system stimulant that treats breathing problems, low blood pressure or nasal congestion. Our Practi-Ephedrine vials are designed to look and feel like the Ephedrine that is currently seen in clinics today.

Practi-Ephedrine (50 mg/1mL) contains an unsterile fructose powder that is accompanied by a clear Practi-Diluent vial filled with 1 mL of distilled water. This simulated medication is ideal for skills training for nursing and pharm tech programs.

Teach Your Students: Realistic and authentic reconstitution practice of Ephedrine; Small vial opening and handling dexterity techniques; Aseptic precautions specific to small vials; Small vial air pressure changes / air replacement technique; Intramuscular injection techniques; Multiple small dose calculations; Fractional dosage measurement

Qty: 40 vials (20 powder, 20 diluent vials)


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