Traction Splint Trainer Simulator

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Traction splint application requires the ability to regulate how much force is applied to a patient's leg. There has never been a way to monitor that - Until now! Simulaids' Traction Splint Trainer can be set to correspond to an individual's body weight. This allows the instructor to determine if the student is correctly applying the rule of thumb that states 10% of the body weight traction results in adequate relief for, but no further damage, to the patient. The Traction Splint Trainer can be adjusted for body weights ranging from 100 lbs. to 300 lbs. The electrical, push-button panel makes simplified selection easy. This AC electrical trainer comes completely assembled and requires attachment to a base to secure it during training sessions. After applying traction, the deformity of the thigh recedes and splint can be applied, including any standard ankle hitch.

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