Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Dermalike II Latex Free (Darkly Pigmented)

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The Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid™ features four barely discernible blue veins in three different sizes, with the fourth vein deeply placed. All veins are within our proprietary latex-free Dermalike™ for a realistic training scenario.  The Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid is the perfect practice IV training kit—it’s just like accessing a real patient! As the IV catheter enters the vein, a realistic “flashback” of simulated blood confirms proper needle placement, helping build hand-eye coordination, confidence, and improving competency, while ensuring your patient’s safety. 


  • Hinged top and base. 
  • Leak resistant.  Features a single length of tubing, no connections needed. 
  • Bubble trap and stopcock removal and replacement are confirmed by an audible “click.” 
  • The hinged top has an integral molded hook for placement of blood bag 
  • Model can handle 3,600+ accesses using a 20g IV catheter 

Q & A

Q: Is this product available in other skin tones?
A: Yes, this model is also available in a lightly pigmented skin tone. It is SKU Number A-105320 and you can find it by clicking here on our website.

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