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Anatomy Lab Anatomy and Fitness Poster Set

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  • Anatomy Lab Anatomy and Fitness Poster Set
  • Anatomy Lab Muscular System Poster
  • Anatomy Lab Skeletal System Poster
  • Anatomy Lab Yoga Fitness Poster
  • Anatomy Lab Stretching Fitness Poster
  • Anatomy Lab Pilates Fitness Poster
  • Anatomy Lab Anatomy and Fitness Poster Set
  • Anatomy Lab Anatomy and Fitness Poster Set
  • Anatomy Lab Anatomy and Fitness Poster Set
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This Anatomy Lab 5 pack muscular, skeletal, yoga, stretching, and pilates anatomical poster shows both the muscular system, skeletal system, and the anatomy behind common poses, stretches, and exercises for the entire body, with incredible, detailed illustrations for effective comprehension.

These posters complement each other by helping us understand how our systems interact with our movement, allowing for a greater understanding of the body.

These posters are designed by professionals and include 760 labels across all posters for learning and identification of the various noteworthy features found throughout the body.

The high quality, durable 2.4 mil lamination means that not only are these posters tear and stain resistant, but also protect the beautiful, hand drawn illustrations from damage and curling.

This chart is the perfect size, measuring 17.3" x 22.5", these can be used anywhere, from classrooms, doctor's offices, gym studios, to the home, making it a great reference for school, work, or exercise. Whether this poster sits on a wall or your desk, you will love the intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship, making it perfect for doctors, teachers, students, gymnasts, physical therapists, educators, professors, personal trainers, nurses, or anyone with a passion for anatomy.

This interactive anatomy poster allows all ages, whether it be a kids anatomy poster, or a professional, to learn about the body with interesting anatomical positions, allowing for a completely unique way to learn. These posters are exclusive to Anatomy Warehouse and are proudly printed and laminated in the United States, ensuring high quality and consistency from every poster we make.

Note, this product does not include a frame.

Product Dimensions: Each poster measures 17.3 inches x 22.5 inches

Made in the United States

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