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Anatomy Lab Mammal Heart Dissection Guide

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Anatomy Lab proudly offers these very popular student guides at prices much lower than other guides. Each guide is fully illustrated and conveys the complete dissection. Geared for the high school student, these guides are also used by grade schools and colleges because they cover the basics, the “take-home message”, for anatomy and comparative anatomy. Our invertebrate guides have been designed to cover a more comparative view of invertebrate dissection. Each guide covers the relationships between the phyla. This guide contains 10 pages with 4 detailed illustrations.

PLEASE NOTE: Specimens should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. If the specimen remains unopened in the vacuum-pack or pail-pack the specimen should last indefinitely. Once opened, the specimen will last for a couple of weeks, do not use specimen if the specimen dries out or begins to grow mold. An unopened specimen is guaranteed for up to one year.

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