Arin Apron For Practice Of Patient Self Care

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Arin Apron is a unisex model of the chest for pre or post-op patient self-care practicing with Central Venous Catheters (CVC's). Arin Apron can be comfortably worn in an apron fashion by both males and females. It is the only apron manufactured from a non-stainable material, allowing the repeated use of all commonly used catheter care solutions. Arin Apron has two pre-positioned real CVC's, one on the right side and one on the left side of the apron. The catheters' distal ends are attached to a simulated blood reservoir bag on the back of the model to permit blood withdrawal or fluid infusion. The catheters' subcutaneous tunnels are visible up to and just over the clavicle and the dacron cuffs are also discernible. Although patient literature and directions are plentiful for catheter care, the key to gaining self-confidence and proficiency is actual hands-on practice. This model can be used pre-op to teach and assess the knowledge and techniques of the patient and their support persons. Post-operatively patients can practice on this model without the fear of making mistakes or having to deal with negative body images. Arin Apron enables the patient to develop hand-eye coordination as it relates to: Flushing Techniques Infusion Technique Maintenance Dressing Changes Securing Blood Withdrawal These features offer the unique opportunity for patients and support persons to have supervised, hands-on participation in a realistic situation reducing anxiety and providing confidence while eliminating the risk of infection. The visual and tactile experience provided lends itself to a natural and positive transition to the patient's own catheter. Arin Apron consists of a unisex apron for the chest, two real CVC's, simulated blood reservoir bag, tubing, and fabric carrying bag with zippered supply pouch. Size: 20 X 15 X 0.25 Sh. wt. 6.0 lbs.

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