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Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set

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  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set
  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set - Skeleton Model
  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set - Torso Model
  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set - Eye Model
  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set - Pregnancy Model
  • Axis Scientific School Anatomy Model Set - Ear Model
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This collection of Axis Scientific models is a perfect starter set for the classroom. Starting with the basic full-size skeleton with 172 advanced anatomical landmarks and accompanying study guide, students will get the understanding of the framework making up the human body. With 18 removable parts allowing for up-close examination and placement of our internal anatomy the mini torso takes studying the human body to the next level.

Taking the torso into a deeper more specialized focus, the pregnancy pelvis can be very educational to demonstrate the female body during pregnancy. With its 40 different numbered anatomical features this model would be a very helpful addition to be used during reproductive studying. 

Adding in the oversized Ear and Eye models, students can study the segments of these complex anatomical parts with greater observation. 

With the full range of Axis Scientific models at your fingertips, it is easy to teach and learn about the human body without spending an arm and a leg. Contact our expert customer support team for advice on this and our other Axis models.

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Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Warranty Period: 3 Years
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Virtually unique among anatomical model manufacturers, Axis Scientific does not require you to send back your model for inspection before a replacement or refund is issued. You also will not pay to return a defective product or incur unnecessary additional shipping charges before you get a replacement. Axis Scientific guarantees you will get a replacement under the standard Three Year Warranty.

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