Breast Phantom for Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis

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Breast phantom with adipose and glandular tissue. This breast phantom was designed to simulate breast imaging in mammography and breast tomosynthesis. It represents a compressed breast of 4 cm thickness that can be placed under the compression paddle. This phantom provides a realistic simulation of breast imaging. It was developed for testing and optimizing dose and image quality and for training of medical and technical staff. The phantom is manufactured from virtual data* containing adipose and glandular tissue. The models are handmade unique piece, which can differ slightly in size and design. The phantom can be provided as one-piece anthropomorphic phantom or in a sectional design. Dosimeter openings and pathologic features can be included upon request.
Size: 15x11x4cm

* References Breast Phantom:
1. Graff, C.G., "A new open-source multi-modality digital breast phantom," Proc. SPIE 9783, 978309 (2016).
2. Ikejimba, L.C., Graff, C.G., Rosenthal, S., Badal, A., Ghammraoui, B., Lo, J.Y. and Glick, S.J., “A novel physical anthropomorphic breast phantom for 2D and 3D x-ray imaging,” Medical Physics 44(2), 407-416 (2017).
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