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Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart, 2nd Edition

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  • Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart, 2nd Edition
  • Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart, 2nd Edition Size of 26 x 20
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Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart, Second Edition, is a best-selling, highly illustrated chart providing clear, easy-to-understand information on the major bony features of the foot and ankle. Now fully up to date with revised content, diversity of skin tones, and new illustrations, it includes a large central figure showing normal foot and ankle anatomy, including bones, muscles, and tendons. Smaller illustrations with descriptive text show the following details: 

  • The Ankle Joint: Medial View, Lateral View, Frontal View Plantar View of the foot 
  • Cross-section of the ankle joint showing extension and flexion 
  • Supination and Pronation, including high arch, low arch, inward tilt of the heel, outward tilt of the heel 
  • Sprains, with inversion sprain and three-ligament sprain 
  • Fractures, including stress fracture (runner’s injury), avulsion fracture, lateral and medial malleolus fractures 
  • Fracture Fixation showing metal plate and screws 
  • Bunion  
  • Hammertoe 

20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners 

Printed in the USA by Anatomical Chart Company.

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