KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model

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  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model
  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model
  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model - Stage I
  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model - Stage II
  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model - Stage III
  • KOKEN Decubitus Treatment Model - Stage IV
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This model is a reproduction of decubitus (a bedsore) on the sacral region shown in separate stages (Stage I to IV). It can be fitted to a human or a training model. Six layers of skin are used to represent Stage I to IV to enable understanding of the classification of each stage. The skin is mode of ultra realistic silicone rubber for an appearance and texture that is similar to that of the human body. All six skins can be layered on together and peeled off one by one to show the progression of decubitus at a glance. Ointment can be applied and surgical treatment can be performed (do not apply ointment to the fitting belt as the surface paint may peel off).

Stage I (Skin One):
--Circumscribed skin flare
--No changes to pale skin by pressure
--No injury on epidermis

Stage II (Skins Two and Three):
--Partial defect of skin including epidermis and dermis
--Blister and erosion are observed

Stage III (Skins Four and Five):
--Defect reach to subcutaneous tissue
--Sometimes pocket is formed

Stage IV (Skin Six):
--Deep defect down to the muscle, bone and support tissue
--Pocket is formed, and sometimes surgery is required for the treatment

Model measures approximately 18(L) x 22(W) x 5(H) cm and weighs 1.4kgs. Model is made of urethane foam for support and high grade silicone for the skin. This product may experience lead times of approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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