KOKEN Airway Management Model

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  • KOKEN Airway Management Model
  • KOKEN Airway Management Model
  • KOKEN Airway Management Model
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The Koken Airway Management Model brings realism to training on airway maintenance using various apparatus such as endotracheal intubation, Iaryngeal masks, EGTA, combination tubes, transnasal airways and the use of a laryngoscope. It is also suitable for practicing the removal of foreign objects from the airway using a laryngoscope, and removing endotracheal foreign matter with forceps, and doing endotracheal respiration. Students can practice giving artificial respiration with a bag mask. - This model uses specially developed silicone rubber that provides a similar appearance and touch as that of a living human body. Trainees can smoothly elevate the submaxilla and open the mouth. There is a realistic feel to the skin, oral cavity, and tongue. Dilation of the stomach when air enters the esophagus can be confirmed. Left and right respiratory sound can be heard with a stethoscope. A warning sound is generated when a laryngoscope places too much pressure on the front teeth. When the esophagus is intubated, the model permits the use of Esophageal Detector Devices to confirm there is no re-expansion. The model also confirms the dilation of the stomach when air enters the esophagus by creating a respiratory sound that trainees can hear with a stethoscope.

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