Posterior Nervous System Anatomy Dry-Erase Sticky Wall Chart

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The Nervous System Rear View Sticky Anatomy Wall Chart is a self-adhering anatomical chart and is easy to apply, dry-erasable and easily moved from one surface to another. Powered by the Fathead brand, these anatomy charts are extremely durable and feature high-resolution, anatomically correct images. Made of high quality vinyl with a self adhesive backing, installation is simplified. The vivid detail and high definition colors deliver a three dimensional look and feel. Being oversized and free form helps to eliminate confusion and creates an environment for learning. Patients value conversation time with their health care providers. The Nervous System Rear View Sticky Anatomy Wall Chart is perfect for reporting findings, consultations, and procedural explanations. It will empower your patients and give you the tools to instill confidence and trust. People of all ages benefit from visual learning. This bold, oversized image can adorn any exam room, waiting area, lab area, or class room setting and will inspire and educate. Made in the USA by BodyPartChart.

Please note : These charts are individually printed and made to order, so they may take up to 2 business days to ship. Because of this, we advise against expedited shipping. Standard Ground shipping for these arrives within 7 business days typically.

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