Optional Carrying Case for Vinnie or Annie Insufficiency Leg Models

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A durable, zippered, padded fabric case with handles and storage pouch for supplies. Designed for 'Vinnie' Venous Insufficiency Leg or 'Annie' Arterial Insufficiency Leg Models. The case can hold one of each leg as well as the Optional Display Stand SKU A-104117 (MPN 0552). Shipping weight is approximately 2.0 lbs.

Q & A

Q: Can the skull be removed from the skeleton?
A: Yes, there's a nut and small wedge of plastic inside the skull cavity that can be removed, and once removed, the skull will come off. PLEASE NOTE: If you do this, make sure you keep the nut and wedge of plastic in a safe place, as they're pretty small and if they go missing you won't be able to put the skull back on.

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