Stan Stage 4 Pressure Injury Model, Darkly Pigmented

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Designed for teaching and training with vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices, this model features a large sacral Stage 4 pressure ulcer* (NPUAP 2007 Pressure Ulcer Staging Guidelines), with eschar, subcutaneous fat, undermining, tunneling, slough, eschar and exposed bone (with osteomyelitis) and a Stage 3 pressure ulcer with subcutaneous fat and granulation tissue. The large size and depth of the Stage 4 pressure ulcer, as well as the undermining and tunneling, make it ideal for practicing the proper dressing and preparation of a large wound for use with a negative pressure wound therapy device. The Stage 3 pressure ulcer is positioned so that the Stage 4 can be dressed by itself, or a bridging dressing can be applied to the Stage 4 and Stage 3 to demonstrate and practice this skill. The skills that healthcare professionals learn with this model can be used to obtain positive outcomes with a variety of chronic and acute wound types, such as other pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, abdominal wounds, trauma wounds, flaps, and grafts. Compact and weighting only 2 lbs., this model is easily transportable. This model is made of a unique, flexible material that permits the application and removal of dressings without leaving an adhesive residue. A great tool for training, competency testing, skills assessment, dressing techniques and use of negative pressure wound therapy devices! Size: 9" X 9" X 4 1/2 Sh. wt. 3.0 lbs.

*We have included the most likely etiology-based descriptions but realize many wounds can appear in the same location, having different etiologies. The definitive diagnosis is up to the clinician and interprofessional wound care team.

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