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4D Vision Pig Anatomy Puzzle

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Pigs and humans have a longstanding relationship. While we primarily utilize pigs for food, we also utilize them for their exceptional foraging abilities, such as to find truffles, a prized mushroom. Some types of pig are even kept as pets. Because of their social natures and intelligence, pigs are also popular in fiction, such as the beloved Charlottes Web, the film Babe, or even the classic Animal Farm.

Study the anatomy of the pig with this 9 inch puzzle. Once the pieces have been assembled, the model can then be displayed using the included stand. The puzzle includes a detailed guide with instructions for assembly, as well as fun facts and a quiz to test your knowledge. Model's parts include:

--Small Intestine
--Body of the pig
--Stand for the model
--Transparent cover

We offer other farm animal puzzles as well, including the Cow. Looking for a specific animal puzzle? Contact our support team for advice.

While this model has a reasonable level of detail, it is intended for younger audiences, and will not satisfy those looking for an advanced model. If you are interested in something more advanced, or are not sure if this model is right for you, please contact our support team.

Designed for children 8 years and up. When fully assembled, the model is 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches. Made by Tedco Toys.

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