Life/form Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm with IV Arm Circulation Pump - Medium

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Revolutionary, realistic training arm provides complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy, plus sites for intramuscular and intradermal injections
Extensive 8-line vascular system allows practice of venipuncture at all primary and secondary locations, including starting IVs and introducing over-the-needle IV catheters
Complete venous access to Basilic V., Cephalic V., Digital V., Dorsal Metacarpal V., Median Basilic V., Accessory Cephalic V., extensive venipuncture system, flexible fingers and wrist, intradermal injections, intramuscular injections, Median Antebrachial V., Median Cephalic V., Median Cubital V., replaceable skin, veins, and Thumb V.
Intramuscular injections may be performed in the deltoid muscle and intradermal injection sites are located in the upper arm
Intradermal injections using distilled water will create characteristic skin welts at designated sites on the upper arm
Soft, flexible fingers are molded separately with extreme attention paid to every detail - right down to the fingerprints!
Flexion of the wrist helps develop manipulation skills
Skin rolls as the veins are palpated and a discernable "pop"; is felt when entering the veins
Fine details of the skin to make the arm look and feel alive
Valves in the veins can be seen and palpated on the skin surface
Skin and veins are completely replaceable
Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed
IV Arm Circulation Pump offers an easy solution for a continuous flow of blood through any of the Life/form adult, pediatric, or infant IV arms.
Sold complete with adapters to fit all of the Life/form IV arms, the IV Arm Circulation Pump could be easily modified to work with just about any IV product on the market.
Pump offers a semi-closed system that alleviates time spent on messy setup and cleanup.
With the correct setup, the pump can remain filled with simulated blood for extended periods of time.
Multiple power source options allow for full operation in extended or remote training sessions.
Variable flow rate and speed options allow for versatility with training scenarios.
Includes Advanced IV arm, 2 pint bottles with simulated blood powder, 3 fluid supply bags with pinch clamps, 2-oz. bottle of intradermal sealant, 3 cc syringe with needle, 12 cc syringe, 22-gauge needle, infusion butterfly, latex adapter, pinch clamp, circulation pump, 120V (60 Hz) power cord, 9V battery power adapter, battery power adapter, tubing assembly, pump tube replacement, tubing adapters, instruction manual, and hard carry case.
Fluid supply stand not included.
5-year warranty.

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