AP Biology #8 Biotechnology: Bacterial Transformation

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Students will genetically engineer bacteria through transformation with a plasmid that confers antibiotic resistance. They will then examine the number of resistant bacteria to determine the efficiency of the transformation procedure. Teachers manual and Student Study Guide copymasters are included. Materials provided for 8 lab groups. Meets AP Science Practices 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, and Big Idea 3. Kit Includes: 30ml Sterile Calcium Chloride 0.05M 16 Sterile Volumetric Pipet 8 Pipet Bulb 8 Micropipet w/Plunger 10ul 1 Plastic Centrifuge Tube 16 Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5ml 8 Sterile Inoculating Loop 40 Petri Dish 4 Luria Agar 200ml 1 E. Coli Culture (freeze dried) 1 Luria Broth 9ml Tube Kit Contains coupon for perishable materials. Redeem by fax, phone or e-mail. Materials sent upon redemption of coupon: 2 btls 0.02g Ampicillin 1000 ng 1 pUC19 Plasmid 1 Tryptic Soy Broth Tube 9ml 1 Tryptic Soy Agar Slants 6ml 1 Pipet, Sterile, Disposable 1 pk. cotton swabs, sterile Materials Needed but not Supplied: Large beaker Hot plate or waterbath Microwave (not necessary if melting agar in a waterbath) Markers Microfuge tube racks Container of ice Recommended: Incubator (37ºC) measurements: 12.75 L x 9.5 W x 6.75 H weight: 5 lbs

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