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Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula

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  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
  • Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula
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About the Axis Scientific Canine Forelimb with Scapula:

Like many of our animal skeletons and models, this particular skeleton model gives us an opportunity to understand a little bit more about Man's Best Friend. This canine skeleton includes the scapula, leg skeleton, and toenails of an average canine (probably of a mid-size dog or common labrador). From the shoulder to the toes, you can see the same anatomical features and bony landmarks you would expect to see on a real skeleton, which makes this the perfect study or demonstration tool for veterinarians, zoologists, pet lovers, or students breaking into a new field! 

What is Included?

What we love about this Dog Leg Model:

  • This full-size leg model is an accurate representation of a canine leg that gives anyone a budget-friendly study tool without sacrificing detail
  • Features additional anatomical details like the femur, rotula, stifle joint, tibia, hock, fibula, tarsus, metatarsus, phalanges - everything you'd expect to see is present!
  • This lightweight model is durable but easily transportable too for in-office or home use

Product Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 16.25 in. x 5.5 in. x 1.5 in
  • Product weight: 0.30 lbs.

Q & A

Q: Do the joints articulate?
A: This particular model does not allow for flexibility or full demonstration of motion in the joints. 

Q: Can I use this for veterinary school?
A: Definitely! This is a great study tool for beginners and professionals. 

Q: Is this available in other sizes?
A: Not at this time, but we offer more products in our zoology category here. More specifically, this is where you can find more canine products.  

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Warranty Information

Warranty Period: 3 Years
Quality You Can Trust

Virtually unique among anatomical model manufacturers, Axis Scientific does not require you to send back your model for inspection before a replacement or refund is issued. You also will not pay to return a defective product or incur unnecessary additional shipping charges before you get a replacement. Axis Scientific guarantees you will get a replacement under the standard Three Year Warranty.

Click here to learn more about the Axis Scientific Warranty and to Register your product for coverage under warranty.

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Additional Information

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