Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer

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  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
  • Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer
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The Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer incorporates a natural feeling soft abdomen with an open wound showing exposed intestines with "gutters" on all sides, a stoma, and also a drainage tube.

Three separate draining fistulas are present in the abdominal wound area:

Stomatized Fistula - Easy to observe effluent flow
Non-Stomatized Fistula - Difficult to observe when effluent is not flowing
Hidden Fistula - Location is not observed

Any combination of the three fistulas can permit effluent flow via color-coded pinch clamps, allowing for a challenging scenario when applying a dressing. The Freddie Fistula trainer includes an integrated base with a recessed catch tray that can accommodate up to 700ml of effluent and a support rod to hold the fluid bag. The unique design of Freddie Fistula utilizes proprietary skin that permits standard dressings to be easily applied and removed. Freddie Fistula is a first-of-its-kind wound care skills trainer that can help build competency and confidence when faced with this challenging wound care scenario by allowing the user to employ some of the latest wound treatments and drainage management.

Shipping Dimension: 22 x 18x 9 inches

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