Giant Functional Larynx Anatomy Model

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The Giant Functional Human Larynx Model is 4 times life-size and uniquely American-made. This unbreakable vinyl replica is complete with the hyoid bone, which is rarely represented in anatomical models due to its unique positioning and delicacy. The right side depicts only the cartilaginous structure, while the left shows the musculature as well. Movable vocal cords, arytenoid cartilages and epiglottis all accurately demonstrate their functions. Perfect for speech correction and music, as well as anatomy and physiology. 55 hand-coded features are identified in the accompanying key.

Measures 15x7x6 inches (38x18x15 cm).

Denoyer Geppert's Autographed Anatomy Models are the only models in the world which are personally autographed and dated by their handcrafter. These incredible works of anatomical art are 100% American-made in every step, including molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding, labeling and autographing. Quality is unsurpassed, and the models are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction. Denoyer will repair or replace any component of any Autographed Anatomy model which proves defective due to workmanship, for as long as you own the model, at no charge. Should you ever have the need, replacement parts, repairs and refurbishing of your Autographed Anatomy model are just a toll-free phone call away.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the handmade nature of this item, it can take 6-10 weeks for production and delivery. We find most of our customers are happy to wait for a model of this level of quality, made just for them!

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