Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy

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Taken from the popular Blueprint for Health series by Kate Sweeney, this book includes 56 pages of information appropriate for students ages 8-12. It covers the major systems and structures of the body in a kid friendly way. Topics covered are the skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, heart and blood, respiratory system, digestive system, eyes, ears, and taste and smell. The illustrations and information invite curiosity and further exploration by young students. Games, trivia, and a variety of fun facts add new dimension to the study as well.


-- Your Skeletal System
-- Your Muscular System
-- Your Nervous System
-- Your Heart and Blood
-- Your Respiratory System
-- Your Digestive System
-- Your Eyes
-- Your Ears
-- Your Taste and Smell
-- Glossary

A great accompaniment is the Human Muscle & Skeleton Anatomy Model. This small scale model contains 46 detachable parts, making him a great puzzle for kids learning anatomy! Great for an activity between kids and parents. Designed for children 8+.

Book measures 8.5x11, 56 pages. Softcover.

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