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Introductory Anatomy Kit

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  • Introductory Anatomy Kit
  • Introductory Anatomy Kit
  • Introductory Anatomy Kit
  • Introductory Anatomy Kit
  • Introductory Anatomy Kit
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These small accessible desktop models are perfect for home schooling, distance learning, and for outfitting your classroom so each student can get a hands-on learning experience.

Each kit includes a model that represents the basics of anatomy:

  • The miniature human skull is perfect for learning the basic anatomy of a human skull, including bone sutures, nasal cavity, jaw with teeth, and skull interior.
  • The miniature human torso is a great multi-part model for learning the basic organs of the human body. This model allows you to remove the lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, AND EVEN THE HEAD. The heart is also removable and splits into two parts for an internal view of the heart. Order a kit today and see if you can identify each numbered organ on this model.
  • The life-size heart model included in this kit is an exceptional learning tool that offers impeccable detail, with numbering painted on the model, the student can become the teacher. The model comes with a stand so you can display its vibrant colors all day long.
  • The last model in the kit is a micro human skeleton, this tiny skeleton offers a full skeleton without the cost of a 5-foot 7-inch skeleton. Plus, you can take this model anywhere a backpack goes.

Set Saves You at Least 5% and Includes:

1 x A-108838 - Axis Scientific 12-Part Unisex Mini Torso

1 x A-104269 - Anatomy Model 2 Part Heart Axis Scientific

1 x A-105173 - Axis Scientific Miniature Skull

1 x A-106654 - The Anatomy Lab Essential Micro Desktop Skeleton

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