KOKEN Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator (Wearable)

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  • KOKEN Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator Wearable
  • KOKEN Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator Wearable
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This wearable model can be worn by an actual human, or can be strapped to a manikin so that a series of catheterization and enema techniques can be practiced. The high-grade silicone used in KOKEN models gives this model an incredibly life-like look and feel. If catheterization is successfully completed, the model will allow "urine" (water) to flow.

The model features a soft, stretchable material to ensure the most life-like training simulation possible. The simulator is life-size for an average male adult, and can demonstrate the techniques required for a glycerin enema. The wearable feature of this simulator gives trainees an opportunity to practice the techniques for catheterization and enema as if they are working with a real patient, allowing trainees to learn the importance of meaningful communication with patients. Thanks to the realistic material, the model will allow users to practice proper disinfection techniques, including peeling of the foreskin, as well as proper insertion, fixing, and removal of a catheter. The model is so realistic that, if the penis is not properly lifted to allow for catheter insertion, the user will have difficulty completing the technique. The attached tool for glycerin enemas can be inserted through the anus to the rectum, adding more training options to this advanced model.

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