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Nursing and Technicians Skills Wound Kit

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This wound kit offers a highly detailed variety of disease, pressure and surgically induced wounds to assist practitioners in understanding the treatment of their patients. Whether the practitioners' education includes clinical nurse training, certified nursing assistant training, surgical technician, or pre-hospital disciplines, it is beneficial to visualize the problems that arise in caring for these wounds. The kit comes with a spray container of odors including sweat and vomit for exceptional realism. Comes with 13 wounds and makeup accessories, all packaged in a sturdy carrying case for ease of storage and transport.

Includes :
- Adult stoma (1)
- Ankle edemas (2)
- Bed sore, 4th stage, 70 mm (1)
- Burn, 2nd degree (1)
- Child colostomy (1)
- Diabetic ulcer, 20 mm (1)
- Large road rash (1)
- Skin graft, 6 (1)
- Surgical site infections, 3 levels (3)
- Ulcer, stage 1 (1)

Makeup Accessories:
- Coagulant blood (1)
- Spirit gum with applicator (3)
- Vomit spray (1)

Dimensions: 21 in x 10 in x 10 in

Ship weight: 7 lbs

Made in the USA by Simulaids.

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