KOKEN Gynecological Examination Simulator

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  • KOKEN Gynecological Examination Simulator
  • KOKEN Gynecological Examination Simulator
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The Koken Gynecological Examination Simulator allows students practical training in basic gynecological examinations. This simulator is best used for educating medical students not only in gynecology but for a general internal medical practice. Koken uses a proprietary, soft material for the external genital piece and the abdominal piece that allows the product to provide a more realistic simulation of bimanual examination (internal and external examination) and a rectal examination. All uteri are movable which enables the product to recreate realistic examination of conditions such as cervical motion tenderness. Internal reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries are depicted with both normal and abnormal states. Students can conduct examinations of studied respective disease states like intramuscularis, hysteromyoma, subserous myoma, ovarian cysts, and hydrosalpinx. Conditions and exams can be practiced by easily changing the uterus. Size of the ovarian cysts and hydrosalpinx can be adjusted by pumping in air to achieve the size and texture that closely resembles a living body. The product can be used for the practical training of vaginoscopy, probing, and cytology such as collection of PAP smears. The genital unit can be detached and is easily replaced.

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