KOKEN Physical Assessment Trainer

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Torso model for acquiring basic techniques for physical assessment (Palpation / Percussion / Auscultation). By inflating simulation lungs, normal and abnormal percussion can be practiced, and normal and abnormal breathing sounds can be auscultated. Auscultation of normal and abnormal heart sound are also available.


  • 20 kinds of heart sounds(2-normal / 18-abnormal) are audible through 4 built-in speakers.
  • 12 kinds of breathing sounds are reproduced through 3 built-in speakers.
  • This simulator is ideal not only for the training at medical school to improve physician's skills but at nursing college(school) for the training in physical assessment. Also suitable for first aid rescue training.
  • Accurate percussion skill is acquired with left and right simulation lungs. Normal and abnormal conditions can be reproduced.
  • High-quality sound tone realizes very realistic training.
  • Repeat training is available at several places such as hospitals, schools, lecture rooms, homes, etc. since the simulation is very easy to operate and portable.

Component includes:

  1. Torso
    • Skin 
    • Main body (8.26 in. L x 14.96 in. W x 21.25 in. H, weight 15.43 lb)
    • Model base (11.81 in. L x 11.81 in. L x 0.59 in. H, weight 4.40 lb
    • Bolt for fixing model base 
    • Pump for inflating simulation lungs
  2. Sound source (7.48 in. L x 12.59 in. W x 3.54 in. H, weight 7.27 lb)
    • Heart and breathing sound source
    • Cord for connecting model and heart/breathing sound source
    • Power supply code for heart/breathing sound source
  3. Others
    • Pouch
    • Hexagonal wrench (8mm)
    • Syringe (20ml)
    • Hard case
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