Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton

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  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
  • Rudiger Anatomie Premium Female Skeleton
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For Rudiger Anatomie, this is just a standard skeleton, but for the competition, it is the standard in skeletons! This also one of the few high-quality female skeletons available in the industry.

This skeleton is the perfect reproduction of a human skeleton cast directly from specially selected natural human skeleton material to ensure the finest bone quality, structures and details of bony surface. Nothing is as complex as nature itself. That is why Rudiger Anatomie didn't attempt to copy nature; they took nature itself as the basis for this skeleton. In the 1970s, Rudiger was well known as the biggest supplier of real human bone material worldwide, giving them a unique and unrivalled selection of real bones to cast models from. These bones aren't sculpted by artists; they are cast from real, once living skeletons, giving you access to materials that are only rivalled by cadavers. Anatomy experts find it hard to distinguish these plastic skeletons from real human skeletons.

This basic skeleton includes more than perfect replication of human bones - just like every individual, it shows some specialties. For example, the os coccygis comes with a deformity, the skull has an impacted third molar and a rare os interparietale between os occipitale and os parietale.

This standard skeleton shows all of the 206 - 214 bones of a normal female adult. Every one of the 24 vertebrae, all 12 ribs of each side, all 26 bones of each foot and the 27 bones of each hand are individually single mounted. All Rudiger Anatomie skeletons come with hyoid bone.

Wherever possible there is natural movement in the joints. For easy transportation or individual demonstration, you may take off the arms and legs as well as the skull. The skeleton comes with a human skull which is cast from a selected natural bone skull with all fine anatomical details. It is unbreakable in normal use and dissectible into 4 parts. The skull has a full dentition. 26 of 31 individual teeth come with full roots and are removable. You may pull teeth of maxillae and mandible for individual demonstration and place them back into the socket. The mandible can be taken off. A bony flap on one side of mandible can be opened to show the nerve canal, bony structure, roots of teeth and an impacted third molar. These 5 teeth in the bony flap are not removable.

The skeleton is approximately 6 feet tall (including the stand), 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Weight is approximately 25 lbs. The stand has a 23.5 inch radius. This skeleton comes complete with a 5-leg safety stand with casters, and includes a dust cover.

Manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany. Backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Q & A

Q: What is this skeleton made from?
A: This skeleton is made from a high-quality German PVC plastic.

Q: Who is this model made for?
A: This skeleton is great for students, teachers, and medical professionals who not only wish to study the human skeletal system, but specifically to understand the differences between male and female skeletons. Students and educators alike can demonstrate how to positively identify the sex of a human being simply by examining the skeletal structure. This skeleton is also great for forensic study!

Q: How is the skeleton shipped?
A: This skeleton is shipped in a large, protective cardboard box. Upon opening the box, you will need to assemble the stand, as well as attach the skull and legs to the skeleton. On average, it takes approximately 5-10 minutes to assemble the skeleton. We recommend you assemble the stand first, place the torso on the stand, and attach the skull and legs once the skeleton is safely on the stand.

Q: Do you carry the male version of this skeleton?

A: Yes, we do carry that male version. It can be found here: Ruidger Male Skeleton

Q: My model is damaged and I know that it is covered by a 5 year warranty. How do I go about getting the model repaired/replaced?

A: Please contact our support team at 800-422-1134, we will be more than happy to help you with this issue.

Q: What is the biggest difference between the male and the female skeleton?

A: The female skeleton will actually have a wider pelvis in comparison to the male skeleton.

Q: Is this model considered life-size?
A: Yes, this model is considered to be life-size.

Q: Are the fingers and toes moveable?
A: Yes, you can move and pose the fingers and toes. They are held together with flexible wire.

Q: Can this model be taken apart and put back together?
A: No, while some pieces are removable, this model is not meant to be completely disassembled.

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5 Year Warranty
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Medical Education, Patient Consultation
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3 Reviews

  • 5
    VERY Realistic

    Posted by Karley J on Feb 22nd 2020

    Skeletons may seem like they are all the same, but once you get up close and can see the level of realism that goes into these skeletons as compared to other brands, I don't think you will regret spending the money.

  • 5
    My first female skeleton

    Posted by Mandy on Jul 14th 2017

    You never really see a female skeleton. Well now I finally have one. It is great quality and the detail is fantastic. The female anatomy is in fact different than a male so to see a skeleton that represents the differences is great

  • 5
    Nice Reference for Women

    Posted by Karson C on Jul 25th 2015

    We have this skeleton up at our women's clinic. It is nice to have something that anatomically matches our patients. I don't think the patients really know the difference, but still accuracy matters.

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