Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

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This kit is perfect for applying makeup to multiple casualties with a variety of wounds. The kit includes specialty wounds associated with gunshots, such as perforations, major avulsions, and complex jaw wounds. It includes a large supply of makeup components.

Kit includes :
- Bleeding strap-on wounds complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly
- Compound fractures of humerus, upper arm (2)
- Compound fractures of femur, lower leg (2)
- Assorted stick-on injury simulations (5 one-doz. pkgs.)
- Makeup palette (1)
- Scissors (1)
- Mirror (1)
- Measuring cup (1)
- Atomizer mist sprayers (2)
- Casualty simulation wax (2)
- Body adhesive for stick-on wounds (2)
- Bottles coagulant makeup blood (2)
- Powder to make 3 gallons of simulated blood (3 pkgs.)
- Methyl cellulose for blood thickening (1)
- Broken Plexiglas for simulating glass-embedded wound (2 pkgs.)
- Fake dirt (2)
- Glycerine for perspiration (1)
- Cold cream (1)
- Mineral oil (1)
- Charcoal (1)
- Latex compound to simulate scars (3)
- Petroleum jelly (2)
- Pressure sensitive tape (2)
- Plastalene Modeling Paste, white (1)
- Plastalene Modeling Paste, dark (1)
- Makeup liners each in red, blue, brown, white, yellow, black, & flesh (2).

Also included are a variety of cotton balls: cotton applicators and swab sticks, tongue depressors, tissues, makeup sponges, and spatulas.

Kit dimensions: 21 in x 12 in x 15 in

Ship weight: 23 lbs.

Made in the USA by Simulaids.

Please note: All Simulaids products are made to order, and there is typically a 2 week lead time. Please contact us before placing your order if you have a time crunch, and we will see what options are available.

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