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Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model

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  • Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model
  • Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model
  • Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model
  • Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model
  • Adult Male Full Body X-Ray/CT and MRI Phantom Model
Retail Price $36,400.00
Today's Price $35,625.00
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The Adult Full Body Phantom is a multipurpose phantom, an ideal investment that has immense potential for more than one application, including:

  • Teach X-Ray positioning techniques
  • Learn CT & MR imaging procedures
  • Find optimal scanning conditions
  • Test and conduct research and development for diagnostic imaging applications.

Why Choose the Adult Full Body Phantom for X-Ray/CT & MRI?

  • Multipurpose use and applications
  • Realistic CT and MR images
  • Lifelike anatomy and patient weight
  • Customizable with pathologies (ask our Sales team!)
  • High durability with joints
  • Flexible joints to train X-Ray positioning
  • Improved anatomical structures
  • Realistic air cavities inside the skull
    • Includes realistic brain with Grey and white matter
  • Ceramic reinforced patented bone material
    • Closest alternative to human bones
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Quick delivery times

Other Features You Can Expect from This Phantom:

  • Anatomically correct full body divided into ten parts.
  • Shoulders can be rotated 360 degrees round ways and 180 degrees sideways.
  • Movable joints, including the hip, knees, and elbows at respective degrees.
  • Detachable head, torso, and limbs.
  • The bones have a realistic three-layered structure with inner porosity
  • The phantom can be ordered in a transparent or skin-colored version
  • Ask our Sales Team about the following customizations:
    • Bone porosity can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements
    • Include pathologies, like, lesions, tumors, infections, abnormalities

Description of Each Section of this Phantom:

  • Human Head
    • Anatomically correct realistic skull phantom
    • Realistic brain phantom:
    • Realistic brain tissue
    • Gray matter (contrast x)
    • White matter (contrast x’)
    • Realistic air cavities within the phantom
    • Acoustically correct opaque skin-mimicking material
    • Cervical spine
    • Alignment markings
    • Frontal sinus with air gaps
  • Adult Human Arms
    • Shoulder (Clavicle & Scapula)
    • Arm (Humerus)
    • Elbow joints
    • Forearm (Radius, Ulna)
    • Hand (wrist with fingers)
    • Acoustically correct skin-mimicking material surrounding the arm
  • Adult Human Torso
    • Bones included:
      • Complete Spine
      • Complete Ribcage
      • Shoulders and clavicles
      • Pelvis structure
      • Partial Femur bones
    • Thoracic organs included:
      • Trachea
      • Anatomically correct Heart
      • Lungs
    • Major abdominal organs included:
      • Diaphragm
      • Liver
      • Gallbladder
      • Stomach
      • Kidneys
      • Spleen
      • Pancreas
      • Large & small intestines
      • Bladder
      • Prostate
  • Adult Human Legs
    • Thigh (Femur)
    • Knee joints
    • Leg (Tibia, Fibula)
    • Foot (Finger bones)
    • Acoustically correct skin-mimicking material surrounding the arm


  • Soft tissue and organs: Composition of urethane base soft resin
  • Synthetic bones: Patented ceramic-reinforced epoxy-based composite material


  • Product Height: Approximately 68.9 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 154.3 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 47.25 in. x 25.6 in. x 17.7 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 198.4 lbs.

What is Included with My Phantom?

1 x Full body phantom divided into ten parts
1 x Product Design video
1 x Product Manual
1 x Hard carry case

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Warranty Information

2-Years Limited Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

True Phantom Solutions Inc. (TPS) Products Limited Warranty

The TPS products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for a period of two years after date of shipment. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of a product when is sent prepaid to TPS. TPS does not assume liability for installation, abuse, alteration, insufficient application data provided for a design or misuse. We are responsible for the condition of our product. We would love to help you resolve any issues. Please let us know if you have received any defective items by contacting us here:

Who qualifies?

TPS customers who buy directly from True Phantom Solutions Inc.. Products purchased from other third-party sellers are NOT eligible for TPS limited warranty. Purchased from other channels may offer different or altered warranties.

What qualifies?

Valid only for items with manufacturer defects, flaws produced by a manufacturer error, or defects caused during production. Products must be in their original storage case (if provided) or one with comparable protection.


Any product requiring a return/replacement (for warranty or non-warranty repair) requires pre-approval from Anatomy Warehouse prior to shipment. Contact Anatomy Warehouse customer service department at 800-422-1134 or in order to obtain a RPA (Return/Replacement Product Authorization) number. The RPA number should be clearly marked on the returned package label and your packing list, or shipping document. Return product freight prepaid in its original storage case (if provided) or one with comparable protection. True Phantom Solutions will not accept return shipments sent freight collect. Product damage incurred during return shipment, from poor packing, will not be warranted by True Phantom Solutions.

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