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Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model

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  • Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model
  • Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model
  • Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model
  • Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model
  • Heart Pump for Adult Heart Phantom Model
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Heart Pump for R&D is a mechanical pump that can assist in simulating beating motion inside the Heart phantom. The setup of this pump is installed on plex glass and the entire system facilitates the cyclic motion of the heart walls. In principle, it is hysteresis in motion (diastole and systole of the cardiac cycle). It has a regulator to control the heart rate (0 BPM-140 BPM). It is medical imaging friendly and supports asymmetrical displacement of the heart chambers.

This product is a motor pump that enables the beating functionality of the heart phantom and supports adjustable beating rate from 0 BPM – 140 BPM. It creates an artificial pressure & motion inside the heart chambers to give realistic imaging results.

  • Beating heart model with the cyclic motion of the heart walls based on a mechanical pump
  • Chambers fillable with water without air pockets
  • Adjustable heart rate
    (0 BPM-140 BPM)
  • Adjustable stroke volume (0 ml to 60ml)
  • Hysteresis in motion (diastole and systole of the cardiac cycle)
  • Asymmetrical displacement of the heart chambers
  • The complete system is installed on a plex glass

It can be purchased separately or with a Hear Phantom and standard water tankThe water tank is an optional product that assists in the mounting of the Aorta and IVC and provides catheter access. However, the pump is independent of the water tank and can be used with any water container.

When operating with a Heart phantom, submerge the phantom inside a bucket or tank filled with water to perform the experiments. No special fluid is required to simulate the circulation inside the chambers, just mineral water would do the job.

The pump can also be used with our advanced R&D Torso to simulate the motion of the heart phantom inside in the torso. Upon request, we can customize the Torso to provide any custom access to the heart and its chambers for any cardio-based research & development. Our Torso phantoms are compatible with Ultrasound, X-RAY CT and MRI. 

Instructions to setup the pump with heart phantom(optional):

  1. Connect the primary tubes with the syringes installed in the heart pump
  2. Connect the “primary tubes” with the “secondary tubes” and the “secondary tubes” with the heart installed in a water tank as it us shown on the two following pictures. Note that some of the tubes are marked with blue zip ties. Make sure that all the marked tubes are connected together.
  3. Place the two tubes of the “primary tubes” in a basket filled with water

Degassing Procedure:

  1. Set the stroke to the second last slot on both rotating disks (make sure that there is a phase shift between left and right syringe – 180 degrees for best and fastest results)
  2. Set the valve switches to the position
  3. Let the pump run initially at a slow speed until both syringes are filled with water (note that it will take some time to fill the heating chamber)
  4. Once both syringes have some water (they do not need to be full), increase the speed of the pump to medium (70 BPM)
  5. Let the pump run until there are no visible air bubbles underneath the surface of the heart 





Adjusting the stroke and phase:

  1. The stroke and phase can be adjusted with 15ml amplitude and 45° phase increment.
  2. To adjust those two parameters, simply move the screw shown on the image on the next page to the desired location (use the included thread locker and primer to prevent the screws from unscrewing themselves).
  3. Always make sure to set the same amplitude on both syringes. Failure to do so will result in over-pressurizing the heart phantom!
  4. If the thread locker was used wait about one hour to let it cure before using the pump.
  5. Once both the stroke and phase are set, the heart phantom is ready to operate!

Pump Accessories included with your order:

  1. Heart pump installed on the Plexiglas board enforced with metal frame
  2. Tubes for connecting the heart with the pump (primary tubes)
  3. Tubes for connecting the Primary tubes with the water tank (secondary tubes)
  4. Additional accessories descried in user manual
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